Studio GOTO (Home studio)

Not a commercial studio.
Since 2001
Location: Nagoya, Japan
  5m x 5m reharsal/recording studio 
  on the basement floor of our house
  Studio Layout
  (currently recorders/PA mixers are close to the drum set)

Some photos

Now another mic is set at snare bottom head. Only over head mics are of condencer type. Now the overheads mics are located in left and right althogh the photo shows X-Y setup.

I am trying gate effect for toms, kick, and snares for better separation

Tube preamp --> recorder's line input

Tube poweramp --> dynamic mic --> recorder

Earphones for drumming

Musical Instruments

  Drum set: Yamaha Stage Custom (BD 22 inch, bought in 2001) 
    Snare: Ludwig LM402 (Remo Emperor X(top) and Emperor (bottom) 
    Tom heads: Remo Pinstripe(top), Remo CS Dot (bottom)
    High hat: Zildjian Z3 Master Sound (upgrade)
    Cymbals: 16 inch Z3 medium crash, 
             18 inch A Zildjian medium heavy crash
             (Z3 was out of stock when I ordered and got a great
               discount for A Zildjian:-)
             20 inch Z3 Ride
    Sticks: photo(Regular stick is AHEAD 5B)

  Guitar amp: 
    Music Man 210HD (100W class solid state preamp + tube power amp)
    Line 6 Spider III (120W solid state simulation amp)  
    Lunch box (small but powerfull solid state amp)

  Bass amp: SWR Babie Blue II 
    (tube preamp + 150W(at 4 ohm) solid state power amp) + 8 ohm sp x 2 

  Guitars: Gibson SG, Kramer, Epiphone Les Paul etc.
  Bass Guitar: Fender Jazz Bass

  Key boards: (I am a poor keyboard player)
      My wife's Rhodes 73 keys, 
      Roland synth model XP-30
      Korg E. Piano(cheap 88keys) model SP170

Recording System (as of Aug. 2013, update Mar. 2014)

 (6 dynamic mics (cheap Samson set)) 
  8 mics -- kick(JTS TX-2), 
            Floor Tom (Shure SM57)
            2 toms(Shure Beta 98AMP), 
            snare top(Beta 98AMP), snare bottom (Beta 98s), 
            overhead (Studio Projects C4 pair)
8 ch preamp (Behringer ADA8000, optical cable looped) 
4ch comp/gate/limiter x 2 (Behringer MDX4600)(ZOOM R16/24 does not have gate)
+-- 8 track recorder (ZOOM R16)
|         :
|         : (synchronized recording up to 16 tracks at the same time)
|         : (USBcable)
| +- 8 track recorder 2 (ZOOM R24) < -- Vocal(mic), Guitar(mic), Bass(line) etc. 
| |      
small mixer for monitoring (Behringer XENIYX 802) --> headphones, monitor sp
    |  |
    V  V
   feedback cancellor(DBX DFS224) (for band reharsal)
    |  |
    V  V
   power amp  (Behringer EPQ 1200)
    |  |
    V  V
   main speakers (JBL JRX115 L/R max 500W each)

More photos

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