Recording Examples

My recent drum recording examples (for Drumeo) Details are to be written in a separate page. The examples are playlist for my drum practice posted in my Drumeo member video topic and Drumeo Edge monthly collaboration.)

Trial and error

  1. Ave Maria(Aug.3, 2013 first video) -- Too much gate effect with brand new gate boxes (threshold was too high)
  2. Sweating Home Rock Drummer -- gate threshold adjusted at very low
  3. Your John Hancock
  4. Air on the G-string -- cymbals are a little bit weak (balance)
  5. Art of Walking
  6. What's going on
  7. 25 or 6 to 4 -- too much low freq? added snare bottom mic.
    Light compression (about 2:1 or less) on all mics
    overhead -- low cut -3dB to -6dB at 100Hz (for cymbals and whole kit)
    snare -- low cut -3dB at 80Hz (my snare sound is too heavy)
    high, mid tom -- low cut -3dB at 40Hz
    floor tom -- no eq
    bass drum -- no eq (kickport installed)
    Reverb: lightly applied to all mics. A little bit deeper on snare.
    A) Pre-recorded tracks -- ZOOM R24 (max 24 tracks) --> earphone (click can be added)
    B ) Live drum sounds -- ZOOM R16(max 8 input, mix and/or record)
    A and B are mixed with small analog mixer and fed to the video camera (ZOOM Q3HD)
  8. Happy Hour -- drum tuning and new cymbals
    Around 1999 Yamaha Stage Custom (not all birch):
       Bass: 22 inch  Remo Powerstroke 3(top)/Power stroke + KickPort (no mute)
       Toms: 12, 13, 16(floor)  Remo Pinstripes clear/Controlled Sound clear
                   only top and bottom of 12 tom is slightly muted  
                 with Evance MIN-Emad to avoid resonance from snare
       Snare: Ludwig LM402 with Remo Emperor X/Emperor  -- very thick
                  + GRETSCH / G-5412 (42 wires) 
             + top head is slightly muted with smallest MIN-EMAD
       Tuning pitch:   13(G), 12(B ), snare (D), 16(lower D)
            -- in major chord G. I am still working for better tuning.
       Hi hat Zildjan Z3 master sound
       16 Crash Z3 medium(new)
       18 Crash A Zijdian medium heavy (Z3 medium was out of stock)(new)
       20 Ride Z3 medium heavy(new)
    8 mics (compressed a little and plate type reverb is added)
       Samson cheap 7 mic set
          Overhead stereo pair condenser mic (X-Y position)
          Bass (aimed to Kickport hall at 60 degree) -- phase inverted
          3 toms -- slightly gated
          snare top
       + snare bottom (with very cheap dynamic mic) -- phase inverted
  9. Midnight Blues -- fine tune gate and comp
    1) cut low freq from the play along track (I felt bass guitar is too loud)
    2) Gate/comp are used while recording (because my recorder does not have gate)
         Comp: kick 6:1, snare 3:1, others: 4:1
    3) Plate Reverb added on drums and guitar tracks
    4) Drum tracks are slightly maximized with stereo 3-band compressors (built-in)
    5) Final mix is maximized with ZOOM HandyShare(free software)
       (replaced with post-processed stereo track maximized with ZOOM R16 built-in
       3 band compressor(maximizer).
  10. Surfin' Spaggetti -- same as Midnight Blues
  11. Drummer Boy -- almost same as Midnight Blues but "ultra maximized" with ZOOM Handyshare

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