Play Alongs

Tunes for practice(without drum sound)

  1. 7/8 Rock (100BPM, 20160923--)
  2. Mother (forgive me I'm a bad boy.) -- Original song self cover (20140906)
    1. Mother-pa-click.mp3
    2. Mother-pa.mp3
    3. Mother-all.mp3(with drums, I will make it better in a few days)
    4. Song Structure
  3. Air for G-string/J.S.Bach(4:40)(20130812)
    Structure of the tune (chord progression, key of D)、 music sheet, key of C)
    With click (31BPM, click at 62BPM) wav, mp3
    Without click wav,mp3
  4. Sweating Home Rock Drummer(3:20)(20130806)
    With click wav, mp3
    Without click wav, mp3,
  5. Ave Maria/Bach-Gonoud (2:50)(20130805)
    Piano sound is borrowed from by Marek Trawczyńsk (Thanks a lot!!)

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